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    Why I Asked for this Thread to be Created

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    Why I Asked for this Thread to be Created

    Post  BitRunner on Sat Mar 07, 2009 6:07 am

    You're probably wondering what this thread is for and why it exists.

    Plain and simply, it's a private area only for registered members of the forums (much like Off-Topic is), but it's more specifically geared towards discussing plans and bouncing off ideas among friends in N1s that you don't want shared with the public just yet.

    If we were to consider this area in terms of software, think of it like a "developer testing" area, good enough to share internally, but not quite ready for a beta.

    Why do I feel we need it? You needn't look any further than the reasons behind the N1s vs. HC debacle, and the huge life lesson that we should all take from it, we need to protect our ideas until they're ready for the primetime (for meetings, official PS Home forum posts, etc). As a preservative of N1s, I feel that this is an important strategic move to have our internal ideas fleshed out here before going public, in an effort to help keep them from getting stolen and used by others without due credit (thus causing wars), so that when we are putting our ideas forward for the public, they'll be matured and ready to discuss or promote.

    However, this area is NOT for trash-talking and things of that nature (that's what Off-Topic is for Very Happy).

    This area is also not about elitism, if you're going to do some planning in here, be sure it's serious and that it's something that will be released to the public at some eventual point, I can't simply stress that enough.

    So, with that aside, I'm going to set an example for the first usage of this forum, by discussing two N1s exclusive projects that I have been planning for us to collaborate on, "My Dream Home" (already in the works), and "Our Dream Clubhouse". From the names I'm sure you can guess what these projects are all about (although trust me, you'll be pleasantly surprised by what I have in the works), but I will post more details about these projects soon (after I get some much needed sleep and get together some of the initial concept sketches I've done and the like). In the meantime, feel free to use this space for any internal planning that necessitates posting here.
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    Re: Why I Asked for this Thread to be Created

    Post  whitwhit on Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:03 pm

    this is a great idea bit good job
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    Re: Why I Asked for this Thread to be Created

    Post  Veago on Sat Mar 07, 2009 4:38 pm

    sounds good.

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    Re: Why I Asked for this Thread to be Created

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