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    F.E.A.R Review


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    F.E.A.R Review

    Post  JamesSoprano on Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:36 am

    I wass a bit interested in this title when a friend lived downstairs from me and i saw him play abit of it but he was too afraid to continue cause the game freaked him out .. and while down the states one day at a local Walmart from my Inn was a Bargin Bin with The Dreadfull Genji: Days Of The Blade. I decided to pick it up .. after awhile later i decided to sit down and play the game since their was others i had i wanted to complete first.

    I popped in the game and played. had to get use to the controls as it didn't take me too long to figure out i was ready to sit down and play a game with a creepy Dead Girl named Alma in it. Wait a Minute .. Alma ? that sounds like a nice Lovely Eldery Lady Name a type of person who would bake kids cookies and pies ! not walking around dead wanting to kill people. The game play in this game wasn't anything to remember .. the game was fun and had a interesting storyline but did far from creep me out. only one place that mademe jump was cause of a enemy and it's speed .. i got to one level and was looking around and thought i saw a shadow .. so i took a look in the room and said nah nothing .. so i was walking and then i died ! so i did see something so i restarted again and i looked around the same area in the office buildings and saw it this time and the thing was fast moving and would jump around like it's a Ninja i believe ( sorry it's been awhile since i played ) so everytime i seen these enemies i would go trigger happy till it's dead. The game isn't 100% straight forward a few parts of the game i had to look around and find what i was suppose to do next when i come to a dead end .. i look up on GameFAQS to see wherei go next and some times i don't even realize it .. and some parts where a tough jam to get past. sometime i ran out of Ammo or i MAJORLY NEEDED A HEALTH KIT AND DID SOME MAJOR BACKTRACKING. i only used Bullet Time to slow things down around me in one part and that's when your on th roof where snipers are firing at you and you have tro make it to a part on the roof to continue on ( if you played the game i think you all know the part i speak of ) the last fight was not hard at all i thought i died but i didn't i actually defeated Alma ... or so i thought ... The ending Sequence was cool which is the most rememberable thing in the game your taking off in a helcipter talking to someone on headset or next too you .. either way ... you see little hands climbing up on the Helicopter and Surprise Surprise ! it's Little Girl Alma in her own way of saying HEY I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU YET !

    The game was Not bad .. Challenging tho .. glad no trophies are envolved but i think a game like this can use with out online .. unless it's CO-OP but a game like this i got no interest for Online play. but the game really didn't have a whole lot of moments for me the game was just good the story line was good and controls wern't bad.

    I rate this game a 7.5/10
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    Re: F.E.A.R Review

    Post  EvoAnubis on Sun Mar 29, 2009 1:29 pm

    Good God; I hated this game. Well . . . to be clear, I hated it on the PS3.

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