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    Agenda for April 16 meeting

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    Agenda for April 16 meeting

    Post  Jersquall on Mon Apr 13, 2009 4:17 pm

    Date: April 16, 2009
    Time: 11:00PM - 12:00PM EST
    Club: CopyCatsComics
    Chairperson: Jersquall
    Secretaries: whitwhit, Eaglesfan
    Preservatives: ?
    I. Meet and Greet

    II. Playstation Home
    Exclusive preorder outfits.

    With the release of the much anticipated game Infamous (May 26th) comes word that a preorder will get you a Home costume/outfit much like Killzone 2. Topic will be: Does getting an exclusive costume for Home influence you to preorder? *Note: the costume is that of a hoodie-wearing Reaper.

    III. PSN weekly update
    Whats new?
    Whats hot?

    IV. Killzone 2, Sales and new Download content.

    Guerilla Games' PS3 exclusive shooter KillZone 2 is already a sales success. With some 500,000 copies already solid in the U.S., Sony says it's breaking internal records.

    Guerilla has released footage from ''Wasteland Bullet'' a new multiplayer map and it's Free * coughCapcomcough * and the Vekta Cruiser map was also announced.

    V. MAG (Massive Action Game) decides on FPS

    Zipper Interactives project called MAG, short for Massive Action Game. The game breaks up to 256 human players into eight-man squads fighting each other simultaneously in a total free-for-all. Zipper has abandoned the third-person perspective ship for the highly-anticipated MAG Massive Action Game title. Their new choice of perspectival weapon: FPS (First person shooter) mode.

    VI. Announcements "if any"

    VII. Team Picture

    VIII Adjournment

    I need 1 Preservative. Volunteers?

    Format will be as follows. Chairman will call on those who want to comment starting to his right and go around until finished. Chairman will only call on those who stand. If your not standing then you will not be called on. Those without a Mic are asked to type out their comments but do not hit ENTER until called on. After you hit enter your comment will be read aloud by a secretary. After it is read please take your seat. This new format will ensure our meetings run more efficiently.



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