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    Trying to bring back BC to PS3

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    Trying to bring back BC to PS3 Empty Trying to bring back BC to PS3

    Post  groovy341 on Mon Mar 23, 2009 1:50 pm

    I know that BC is not a huge thing for most people, but a lot of people bought a PS3 on the assumption that they would be playing all their Playstation brand games on it only to find out that they could not. There has been a heated discussion going on about this topic over at one of the clans I am in and finally I got tired of the stupid idea that all PS3 owners should return their systems and demand BC and not support Sony until they submit. Yes that was one of the option thrown out. So, instead of succumb to idiocy I decided to make a petition. I know that it will probably do nothing more than make some people feel better but who knows it may actually work. I personally have no stake in this as I have a launch 60GB but what ever I can do to help out I try and oblige. So, without further ramblings and non sequitur thought here is the link:

    PS3 BC petition

    EDIT: Sorry to anyone who went to the previous link. I was hosting the petition on a bunk website and now it has been moved to something legitimate.

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