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    Post  njb12287 on Sun Apr 05, 2009 1:40 am

    Hello Nameless ones. The fued between us and the Home Conference Has gone on long enough in my eyes. I understand everyones concerns with it but they will never change. I have locked all threads About their leader so we can remember what has happened. I have meet with the moderation team and we have taken the following action. From now on we are addapting a new policy of no talking about him, in a negative way on these forums. Any thing slanderous will be deleted or locked. Now im not saying dont bring HC up ever or bring helpful information for discussion. But No more back stabbing. we are better then That. I wish to still offer everyone the same sanctuary we have always had but this issue is not going to be solved anytime soon and Its bringing down our group. If you have any questions feel free to PM me or any other moderator.
    Thank you from the Moderation Staff

    Addition: as far as i am concerned, and im sure the Mod staff agree, there is no problem discussing them or mentioning what they do. It is important to evaluate your competion. I just dont want anymore "Look what the moron did now" threads. I ask for your forgiveness if I made it seem like the slightest wisper of him or the HC would be banned forever. I just dont want anymore flame threads. It doesnt make us feel any better about it

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