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    Resident Evil 5 Review, and a story.

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    Resident Evil 5 Review, and a story. Empty Resident Evil 5 Review, and a story.

    Post  EvoAnubis on Tue Apr 14, 2009 4:30 am

    First off, sorry i haven't been here for awhile. No, I'm still not actually back, but I'll try to check in more often.

    Let's move on. Story time.

    So, I'm going to Hollywood Video to return my rented Get Smart Blu-Ray (which, BTW, is a funny as hell movie), and ended up getting drawn into a conversation between an employee (who reminds me of Willow from the Buffy TV show) and a customer. Turns out, the customer, Storm (that's his last name; it was on his IGT badge), does video reviews on YouTube. I asked him for the URL and promised to check it out.

    That was a few days ago, but I only got around to doing it Sunday. Man, I wish I'd've done it sooner....this guy is great. So, check out the video review, and see what you think. If you end up subscribing to the guy, which I think you should because the guy's awesome, be sure to tell him who sent you; I want him to know I'm a man of my word.