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    Billionaires, Japanese people, Penguins, and Apples. The ranting of a madman

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    Billionaires, Japanese people, Penguins, and Apples. The ranting of a madman Empty Billionaires, Japanese people, Penguins, and Apples. The ranting of a madman

    Post  groovy341 on Wed Apr 22, 2009 11:02 pm

    Waiting for the Fallout DLC to make its way to PS3? It could happen but don't hold your breath, I don't know CPR. Let's face it, Bethesda has your money already if you are at all interested in the game and they don't need any extra from developing the DLC I am guessing. Sure they would like more but I don't think they had to endure to much in the way of out of pocket expenses to develop it in the first place if you know what I mean. Don't? Well, let me say it plain and simple: A certain company most likely paid the development costs. Now, I brought this theory to light at another site with a community of gamers and they said I was crazy and asked why a company would pay for the development costs to keep something as trivial as DLC exclusive. My response was "Lost and Damned". No one said anything else. Why would they? The question is why wouldn't they. Microsoft is empirically known for shady business practices and underhanded maneuvers to edge the competition out of or nearly out of the picture. Just look at the way they handled Linux. They have paid to keep Linux off of government computers. So, we all know they paid Rockstar fifty million dollars for Lost and Damned DLC. Let that sink in for a minute. $50 million. That is a Sh*t ton of money.

    That segues into my next area of thought. Well, I suppose sense I pointed out that it segues into it then that means it really doesn't now.......

    You can bet that up in Redmond the CEOs and prime interest holders in Microsoft are thinking up ways to finish off Sony as a competitor in the home console market. And while some people would say that is just conspiracy thought run mad I implore you to just look at prior business practices and dealings with competitors in other markets. Now, "fanboys(and girls)" of the Microsoft camp may cheer this type of behavior on I don't think they realize what that would do to the gaming industry as a whole.

    Take a minute and name all the operating systems that Crysis will run on while utilizing DirectX10....... That's right, there is only one: Vista. Now, true there will be another one in the very near future and that one will be called 7. The reason for this is that Microsoft has made the competition so paltry that developers don't make games for it. Also they utilize proprietary tools and source code that no one is allowed to see. Sound familiar. Tell me how large of a hard drive can you buy for your 360... Oh wait that's right 120GB but it costs $150 and it is made by Microsoft. But let's take a step back and look at the OS market. Vista sucks. It is buggy, annoying, a general pain in the ass to work with, and you can't modify it in too many ways to suit your personal sense of style. 7 is being heralded as a step toward something bigger and better but I distinctly remember them saying that about Vista. Excuse me if I don't rush to drink the Kool-Aid.

    Why does Vista suck, and why are corporations reluctant to adopt 7 when it hits the market? To sum it up: Lack of true competition. Yes there is Mac and yeah it is picking up a bit but gamers don't use Macs. Companies don't use Macs. Programmers don't use Macs. Sure there are some exceptions to these rules but by and large this is the way it is. Then there is Linux/Unix. But again, gamers don't use Linux. Companies don't use Linux, and your regular "check the email, surf some porn" users don't use Linux. Mac is for the hip, anti-corporate Gen-Xers and iGen kids, in other words the market is there but it is a niche market and most of these people still own a PC or PC laptop for one purpose or another. Linux/Unix has a niche market as well. Technophiles and geeks. If you are using Linux right now and you disagree, stop kidding yourself, minimize this window, and look at TeXT editor and realize you are trying to write a program that makes bathing an automated process.

    Now that the tangent is out of the way. What does this type of practice mean for the gaming industry? Disaster. The only ones who will benefit from this is the people making money off Microsoft. We as gamers will be forced to buy a Microsoft console that has no reason to change or innovate, or whatever Nintendo releases. I say Nintendo because there is no way on the planet anyone can shut their doors, but in the same breathe I say they have become a gimmick but people love a gimmick. A one console industry is a bad thing. Competition drives innovation drives progression. So as much as fans of Sony want Microsoft to bow out and as badly as Microsoft fans want Sony to go the way of the Dodo neither of those options is a good one.

    Now that I am done with my rant I am going to go play something. Goodnight from the west coast.
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    Billionaires, Japanese people, Penguins, and Apples. The ranting of a madman Empty Re: Billionaires, Japanese people, Penguins, and Apples. The ranting of a madman

    Post  Speedracer1955 on Wed Apr 22, 2009 11:33 pm

    I have seen that since the days of Win95 when Microsoft drove out IBM from the retail OS market with pre-installs on Dell/Compaq and Gateway Hardware. It killed competition in the GUI OS market when OS/2 was taken off the shelf and then kept proprietary to IBM database software. Just like Novell did when they bought DOS 7 from Digital Research, it was years ahead of MSDOS and it was rock stable, it even had the beginnings of a gui interface but it was removed from the market before I could afford to buy it.

    But that is the business climate in the US conquer and destroy any competition... MS tried that with the 360 by using the same core silicon and then getting IBM to modify it to work on the windows OS since the blade system for the 360 is just a stripped down version of Windows CE... That's why most 360 games can be ported to the PS3 and the some for PS3 exclusives going to 360...

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