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    Need some help from all the video wizards out there I'm about to go crazy

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    Need some help from all the video wizards out there I'm about to go crazy Empty Need some help from all the video wizards out there I'm about to go crazy

    Post  BitRunner on Sat Apr 25, 2009 7:09 pm

    Ok, I'm getting a major headache dealing with image capture from video right now.

    So last week I think some of you guys saw the post that I went out and got a Hauppauge HD PVR at Fry's Electronics. It's a pretty nice little USB capture that does component video up to 1080i (@30fps so I do 720p @60fps). You can only seem to capture video from its own ArcSoft Total Media Extreme recorder (which is kind of crappy), and save them to .TS or .M2TS format.

    I need a good player that will allow me to capture single frames in the original 720P format... So far I've tried:

    Windows Media Player: Works but you don't have good frame by frame control, you also have to PrtScrn capture and copy to Photoshop/MSPaint, crop out the picture part of the video, and save. Ugh...

    Adobe Premiere: Works but it's extremely slow, has a big lag when you're trying to move around in the video, and you have to use the file menu to save a single frame.

    BSPlayer: This one would be almost perfect but for whatever reason when you use its capture frame it actually puts in the upper left caption part of the image that says Play (or tells you time remaining in the video) and you can't turn it off.

    Arcsoft Total Media Extreme Player: Has a frame capture mode but the video is rescaled to the window size it doesn't let you capture in the original 720P resolution so all images are rescaled.

    I just need a good frame capture program that will play a .TS/.M2TS file and let me move around within the file with good frame control (kind of like Premiere's jog and shuttle buttons). Any good suggestions? I'm about to rip my hair out. The reason I'm asking is that I've got a huge 3GB video file where I've gone around the mall and looked up the descriptions to each item in the shops. I'm going to be putting pics of each item and descriptions up on Homepedia and hopefully be announcing the site next week. I need a program that will do video frame captures very well (and preferrably save them as PNG), otherwise I'll need to learn the .TS file format myself and try to write up a .NET app or something of that nature.

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