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    Post  abkslovak on Sat Apr 11, 2009 10:27 pm

    Ok let me start off by saying I didnt watch this movie off a BR/DVD I try not to pay for ANY MOVIEs ok

    Well Seven Pounds Stars Will Smith we all know him and I think we all like wat he has done in the movie/music BUSINESS.

    Well this movie just top's EVERYTHING he has done soo far in his life . I give his acting an A.
    The movie did So great as I was watching it I kinda did cry. Im not afraid to say that cus this movie was so GOOD. If u are wondering if u should see it, "Ask urself do u have a heart?" "Is Will (Get Jiggy wit it) Smith a good Actor?"?? "Do I like DRAMA?" or "are you more of a ACTION/ADVENTURE type of person?" well Who cares bout those questions, Wat u should be asking urself "Y aint I watching this movie rite NOW?"

    Anyways back to this great film I can say I loved it something differnt from I AM SAM. Not Confussing at all. It makes you think about life. Dont take my word for it just see it an please response to this post wat u think bout this FILM.

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