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    Yes Man   Jim Carey Empty Yes Man Jim Carey

    Post  abkslovak on Sat Apr 11, 2009 10:43 pm

    Yes Man starring Jim Carey

    Ok we all seen him in Lair Lair, and now Yes Man ok 2 totally differnt films both good grade A's in my eyes The only differnts Big differnts is that these play out to differnt roles for Jimmy boy. 1) Lair Lair he is a Lawer who Lie's to just bout anyone even his own kid. Well Im not going to ruin this AWESOME movies for anyone. So Im sticking wit just 1 differnt thing bout it lol. The Biggest thing I can say bout Yes Man is it is an ADVENTURE & COMEDY. Lair Lair is a bit more of a COMEDY. Biggest differnts. Only thing I can say so BLAH Im not trying to SPOIL it for everyone. If u want a SPOILIER go watch it. I thought it was a WAKE up call for me to START saying YES to everything Instead of No I dont want to leave/go. Or when my brother ask me "Do u want to ride this RollerCoaster?" or Do u want to see ur/our Father?" I can say yes and try something NEW in life.

    This movie has a hidden message, U just gotta pick it up and see wat Im talking bout.

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