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    UK Dev teams responce for Home World Concept

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    UK Dev teams responce for Home World Concept Empty UK Dev teams responce for Home World Concept

    Post  Speedracer1955 on Fri May 15, 2009 12:44 am

    I ran it past the core team next door and here's what they have have to say on this matter:

    It's a very interesting read, very elaborate. There are a lot of complexities (and impossibilities) though. It's not possible to exceed the maximum of 64 people within one instance, no matter how people play it. PlayStation Home is a very sophisticated platform and as such each element has its own memory allocation, which allows us to keep on expanding Home in a stable way. This also means that if you would increase any memory for, let's say, having more people in a Space, it also means that the clever people within the Team Home would need to reduce the memory that's assigned to something else. Which might be valuable memory for interesting new games, new interactive objects etc.

    Martijn, Producer

    and from the architect of Home overall

    It is interesting and an impressive effort - given what is publicly known about Home's limitations...

    Just as an aside I think what this highlights is the desire to better manage instances and to have a way to reliably turn up in spaces with people you expect to see.

    Oscar - Architect

    Martijn then has this to say and this includes a suggestion on how we might try to channel this creative effort, into creating game ideas to use within Home:

    As I mentioned before, I'm very impressed by the amount of work that has been put into this, and as such I would be interested to see if they could do a similar thing for building larger and better games within Home spaces. A lot of people are full of ideas for Home spaces, but in the end we are building something for the community, so I say: Why not let the community talk about what games they would like to see in Home?

    Martijn - Producer

    So we can see two elements of this have caught the eye here, some means of managing instances and reliably turning up and finding people you expect to see and then also using this creative effort to come up with community designed games.

    Lets look at the first idea.

    Here in SCEE we have multiple languages coming together within our region, is there something in this plan that might form the basis of a means of managing our language groups?

    We have several ideas and we tried the simplest in the closed beta.

    This was just isolating each language group into their own version of Home, but allowing friends to go to friends to any space across these versions. It proved unpopular and clunky and we removed it.

    As a business unit in SCEE our requirements for this are simple to state. We want our users to be able to choose their desitination based upon language. For example, an Italian player wants to visit the bowling alley and find Italian speakers there. Think of some of our games online. You go and browse the games that are running and some have language markers (eg DE for German) in the names. This allows people to choose where they go. We want to avoid any element of segregation, choice is key.

    However, you also have to avoid simply just multiplying the number of space by the number of languages, its going to get messy like that, it probably needs something subtler than that.

    Expanding such a concept to inter-regional travel is a far more complex issue not least because of the licensing, contractual and legal issues and I feel this idea doesn't design around them sufficiently. In fact its so complex I think community time trying to tackle this right now might be wasted, if there's something else they could be using their creative time on.

    And then the 2nd idea. What games can be designed?

    Looking at the range of interaction in Home now you can see quite a bit is achievable.

    Personally I'd like to see more multi-player games and better use of High Score tables. Done well a High Score table mechanism can also be a ladder and tournament device; it just needs optional filters for things like dates and some game features (lap times, score etc.) Obviously that's a seriously simplification of a technical issue, but you get the idea.

    Anyway, High Score tables aside, with such creative strengths out there, what game designs can people come up with?


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