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    I,Robot Review Empty I,Robot Review

    Post  JamesSoprano on Wed Feb 25, 2009 11:55 am

    Watched on a Samsung 46 Inch Series 5 LCD HDTV

    Movie: I,Robot

    this is the first movie i watched on my Samsung BD1500 i think the model is ( it's the cheapest one out their ) but it's still a nice model i had to update the player tho with my Datatraveler Stick that holds up too 2 GB. which took some time to install not ore then 10 mins but it was nothing really.

    so i sat and watched this and this being a Sci Fi Futuristic movie. I think the movie looked great from the normal DVD player it blew me away at 1080P, The sound I turned it up too i think around 20 either close too or alittle past 20 on the volume of the TV to hear it 100% clearly ( even tho i use subtitles ) it was a great experience it's got a nice look too it and can have cool features .. and i think my Blu-Ray player ( tho on Attack of the Show reveiwed it gave it around 80% 89% in review ) they said it doesn't have BDLIVE but i think on my box it says it does .. but i could be wrong... i don't got any interest in BDLive tho ( THO IT WOULD BE COOL IF SOMEONE DID A REVIEW OF HAT BDLIVE IS LIKE... HINT HINT * wink * )

    oh thing i noticed was while watching i stared into one spt and noticed it to be alittle Grainy or blurry or something some scenes had it but some didn't but at the end of the mvoie it was a good experience .. and i have to say if you a movie buff .. get a nice size TV with 1080P and one that's got good contrast and a Bluray player and enjoy yourself with watching a movie that will have nice Visuals too look at in High Def.

    ( i did not watch any movies on the PS n the big TV yet mainly cause i just haven't and probably wouldn't make a difference )

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