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    Post  Chipe on Fri Feb 27, 2009 10:41 am

    PR as in Public Relations

    I been tossing around some ideas on how I can benifit our club and this is something that came to mind. I dont know if the club really needs one singled out PR person but it came to my mind. I posted in our thread at the Playstation forums about wanting to do some kind of PR for the club. Narde told me to post here and we can get a discussion about it. So here are some of my ideas of thoughts of what could be done as a PR person.
    Public Relations as wiki would put it is the practice of managing the flow of information between an organization and its publics. In this I had some few thoughts. I think we want to get a good face in home as who we are and why we are. There are others that are there to try and tear us down. I think Proph is in this type of mode possibly. It seemed yesterday he was even strongly hinting that we are not for Home, when in fact we truly are. As PR I or whomever (and we all can do this anyways) would try to keep or establish a good name for us so people know our true commitment and or purpose we are here.
    Some other PR work would be behind the scenes. Working with other clubs, contacting the head people of clubs in Home and the main ones that post on the forums just to establish communication and relationships with them. This way if we ever need any kind of backing up or contacts we have them.
    Other such work would be establishing communication with the general public in Home and on the forums. Let them know we are here to make home more fun and interesting for anyone who is looking for ways to brighten their home experience. Let people know what games we all play and what clans we have established in them.
    Also giving assistance to Narde and Teddy and Asuka where its needed and if they need anything or any assistance before, durring, or after meetings.
    Those of you who know me know that have been around Home for a while now. I was one of the "normals" posting in the Home forum on durring the closed beta. We all know the fun that happened when the open beta hit and most of us normals got drowned out, or so it felt. But I have been in for better and worse. I have seen a lot happen to Home and seen it evolve from older versions to what it is now. We had some fun times in the forums back then also. There are some fun threads burried over there. I have always been for Home and want to help others gain the same opinion about it too. If we can assist others in enjoying their time while in Home then maybe there will be less saying "what is there to do in home" and more saying "go check out the Nameless Ones, they can help out in the fun area"
    I am a busy man right now, I post about it a lot. I am trying to make more time for the things I like. I work durring the day and that is my main times I am on the forums. Some days its really crazy at work and you might not see me on posting that much, and other days I post a ton. I also have college at night and a family life. So I will give as much time as I humanly can to this if it seems like a good idea. Just thought I would see some of your thoughts. So go on and share! Thanks for the time

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    Post  Guest on Fri Feb 27, 2009 11:50 am

    Thank you for volunteering Chipe, and might I add "well put". Of course, we should deffinitly ponder over the responsibilities of a PR person at one of our meets. But I would like to offer a few suggestions right now. Essentially we all are PR since we wear the badge of N1's, so we deffinitly need to keep our nose's clean haha. I also think that the best way to move forward is to establish some contacts in the industry, so I encourage everyone to reach out to the website mod's, podcast hosts, bloggers, and invite them to our club as a guest speaker!

    I mentioned before when we were reaching out to Cyd and L_C that they are kinda small fish in a big pond. Dont get me wrong it would be gr8 to throw their names in the agenda and have our website blow up, but lets not limit ourselves OK! uncle gamer will meet with us next week (and if you havent heard check out their podcast here: I know for a fact that he has some gr8 connections, as part of the gamercast network ( ).

    Sorry to get so far off subject but next weeks meet could be a big step for our group! Imagine N1's as part of the GamerCastNetwork. Because if all goes well at this meet I'm deffinitly going to ask Parris to talk to Sarcastic Gamer for us. And it wont stop their lets get the GameSpot outcasts in here GiantBomb, ( ) if you dont remember the drama that went on last year with Jeff Gerstmann and that Kane and Lynch review. long story short they branched off and started their own site! Chipe go for it!

    The thing is a lot of ppl think home is not for hardcore gamers. we have to prove them wrong! OK I'm done.

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